Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


I. General
1. Scope of application

1. 1. These conditions are part of all with Henceforth be known as ” ” agreements and apply to all itsoffers.
1. 2. The applicability of any general or specific terms and conditions or clauses of the other party of, hereinafter referred to as: “Client”, is expressly rejected by These general conditions prevail over the general or specific conditions or stipulations of the Client, even if the general or specific conditions or stipulations of the Client should determine the opposite.
1. 3. By submitting one or more travel to india applications to, the Client accepts the applicability of the General Terms and Conditions.
1. 4. Any stipulations deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only binding if has accepted them in writing and then only apply to the agreement in which they were made.

2. The assignment
2. 1. Article 7: 404 of the Dutch Civil Code and Article 7: 409 of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply.
2. 2. The contract may not be canceled by the Client – subject to the provisions of Article 9.

3. Engaging third parties
3. 1. is entitled to engage third partiesin the context of the execution of the assignment. will do this as much as possible in consultation with the Client. is not liable vis-à-vis the Client for any shortcoming, nor for any unlawful acts and / or omissions of the third party(s) engaged by it.
3. 2. The costs of these third parties, plus a surcharge, are for the account of the Client and will be charged to the Client by

4. Assignment for services
4. 1. The services provided by consist of applying for travel to indias for the Client, Legalizations and possibly taking care of invitations in the country of destination that are necessary to be able to apply for a travel to india.
4. 2. The client issues the order for services by e-mail, via the travel to india Service Desk website or otherwise.
4.3. sends an e-mail to the Client as confirmation of the order, whereby the agreement is established.
4.4. provides the client with a statement of the documents and forms that the client must submit in order to provide the desired service.
4.5. does not start providing the service until it has received the documents and forms that have been truthfully completed and duly signed by the Client.
4. 6. The submission to of documents and forms truthfully completed by the Client is deemed to have the express prior consent of the Client that starts compliance.
4. 7. The Client has the authority to terminate or cancel the agreement until the moment by which or on behalf of the Client the truthfully completed and legally signed documents and forms have been delivered to
4. 8. From that moment, the Client no longer has a cooling-off period.
4.9. will endeavor to provide the Client with correct information and to ensure that the Client receives the travel to india in time before the start of his journey. All requirements for obtaining the travel to india (documentation, costs, time frames, etc.) are based on general criteria and may vary depending on information provided by the Client such as his current or former nationality, place of residence, gender, age, occupation, recent trips , beliefs, etc.
4. 10. The issuer may request additional documentation and / or information. The issuer may change general requirements for certain countries or require additional specific information and / or impose additional specific requirements without notice. will endeavor to inform the Client of such changes as soon as possible. Client will provide / fulfill that specific information and / or additional specific requirements as soon as possible.
4.11. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without giving any reason, to refuse to process a travel to india application and / or to stop processing an ongoing application at any time it wishes, without having to can ever be approached by the Client for this. will immediately inform the Client by e-mail if it refuses to process a request or terminates a request that has already been processed.
4.12.On receipt of his passport and the relevant documents, the principal must immediately check whether he has received all the travel to indias required for his trip, whether the travel to indias are valid for the countries he wishes to visit, or whether the travel to indias are valid for the arrival dates and departure dates of his trip / visit and whether the travel to indias are valid for the purpose and nature of his visit (tourism, business, study, etc.). If the Client finds any inaccuracy in the documents, he must immediately inform thereof via e-mail / portal.
4.13. does not guarantee that the issuing authority will issue a travel to india on time and within the specified timeframe.
4. 14.The issuing authority may reject an application for a travel to india, passport or other travel document for any reason and without giving reasons. travel to india Desk Service is never liable if travel to indias or passports are refused, contain errors or are issued too late. In that case, travel to india  Desk Services will continue to be entitled to the agreed wage and reimbursement of the costs incurred.
4. 15. The client must only purchase travel tickets or reservations that are not refundable after all travel to indias have been obtained.
4.16. will send the passport and the travel to indias via secure mail (Courier), unless indicated otherwise. The delivery costs are for the account of the Client and are added to the order amount. is never liable for delays in or loss of delivery.

5. Wages and payment
5. 1. The costs for the services of are fixed on the website, including (any) indirect taxes that apply to the costs, and other levies and fees charged by an issuer whether any courier or delivery service is charged.

5. 2. Once submits a request for a travel document to an issuing authority on behalf of the Client, the costs of the services provided by by the Client can no longer be reclaimed from

5. 3. Consular rates and availability of services are subject to change without further notice. Costs and services can change between the time the order is placed and the time the order is completed. strives to communicate the changes to the Client as soon as possible.

5.4. reserves the right to select the most suitable service due to the time constraints indicated by the Client.

5. 5. All costs paid by to an issuer on behalf of the Client are not recoverable. If a travel to india or passport application is submitted on behalf of the Client and the request is rejected for any reason, will make an additional attempt at the Client’s request to still obtain the travel document. The Client is obliged to pay any additional costs that have been determined by the issuing body and if the extra attempt is required due to an error made by the Client in a travel to india application, is entitled to charge the costs mentioned above on the website.

5. 6. For orders that have not been submitted via the online order process. Additional service costs may be charged unless the VSD paid telephone number as stated on the site is used.

5.7. is authorized to retain passports and documents until full payment has been received.

5. 8. The service costs of can vary depending on the number of available working days to be able to provide the service. Closing days and holidays of the consulate are excluded.

5. 9. If an application is refused, the costs paid cannot be reclaimed and travel to india Desk Services retains the right to the agreed wage.

5. 10. For assignments that are canceled before the application is submitted to the relevant embassy or consular service, the Client only owes the cancellation fee and any courier costs stated on the website.

5. 11. Once the application has been submitted to the relevant authority, the full costs will be due. Additional cancellation fees may apply to a withdrawal of the application.

5. 12. Payment of the invoices of and everything else that the Client owes must be made within 14 days after the invoice date, and at the latest before issuing the passport / travel to india / legalization by VSD to the client without suspension and / or settlement. Client therefore has no right to suspension and can not settle any claims against The service initially purchased must be paid for in advance. In the case of up sale, a final bill will have to be paid for issuing travel document (s)

5. 13. If the Client is more than one (legal) person, the Client is jointly and severally liable vis-à-vis for all obligations arising from this agreement.

6. Limitation of liability and expiration period
6. 1. If a passport, document, or other document is lost, ends up in the wrong place, damaged, delayed or destroyed, will only be liable if it is due to its fault. is never liable for more or other damage and costs than the replacement value of the item.

6.2. is not responsible for documents that have arrived at the wrong place by a delivery service or an issuing agency. delayed or destroyed.

6. 3. Passport covers and all documents such as original bank statements, education certificates and birth certificates, etc. that are not required for submission in accordance with the instructions of must be retained by the Client. accepts no responsibility / liability for the loss of or damage to such items / documents.

6.4. will do everything reasonably possible to process applications for travel to indias, passports and / or documents. may however not be held responsible and is therefore not liable for the acts and / or omissions of the consulate, embassy, travel to india center or passport office in the event of delay or failure to deliver requested documents for any reason, nor will are responsible or liable for costs and / or delays arising from or in connection with: (a) incomplete application forms or (b) incorrect or falsely completed application forms or (c) incorrect or incomplete supporting documentation. All expenses incurred, costs incurred, and other damage incurred by the Client because of these delays and / or documents not issued will be for the account and risk of the Client and can never be recovered from

6.5. provides travel to india and passport information to the best of its knowledge and ability under the express condition that the aforementioned information is the interpretation of all possible information provided by the relevant embassies, consulates, travel to india center or passport offices at all possible times and does not accept any some responsibility or liability for any errors, inaccuracies and / or omissions in that information.

6.6. accepts no liability for travelers who want to arrange their travel to indias upon arrival. Insofar as this is legally permitted, rejects or limits direct damage, indirect damage and consequential damage as well as all legal or tacit conditions and guarantees, including, without limitation, lost profit or travel or holiday costs or any damage arising from information provided on the website. is received.

6. 7. Subject to intent or gross negligence and without prejudice to the other liability exclusions and limitations in these General Terms and Conditions, the liability of is at all times maximized to the amount that the Client has paid For consumers, the liability of is a maximum of € 250 for which is directly responsible and which can be fully attributed to the incorrect service provided by travel to india Service | Desk.

6. 8. After completion of work by the Client has one month from the date of delivery of the travel to india (or if not provided, two months from the date of the order) for E-travel to india directly informed to be made by registered letter of any claim regarding the services of As soon as this period has expired, all possible rights and claims of the Client against expire. Every legal claim of the Client against expires one year after the date from which the Client could have enforced any rights and / or claims against

7. Applicable law and disputes
7. 1. All legal relationships between and Client are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

7. 2. Disputes will – with the exclusion of any other court – (in the first instance) be settled by the competent court in The Hague.

8. Final provisions
8. 1. All clauses in these general terms and conditions have also been made by for the benefit of its directors, its employees and third parties engaged by it. These clauses are therefore third-party clauses, to which the persons referred to can also rely.

8. 2. If one or more provisions and / or clauses in this agreement should be void or be destroyed, the other provisions and clauses will continue to apply without prejudice and the parties will consult and reach agreement on a replacement clause / replacement clause that / that as far as possible will have the same meaning as the void / annulled clause.

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